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Winners of the Photography Salon "Forest throuhg Forester's Eye"


The decision was reached by all 5 members of the jury on Sunday, May 9th in the hunting lodge Babinac (Bjelovar). It wasn't an easy job not only to pronounce the winner, but also to select the best photographs for the exhibition out of 464 art photos altogether. 252 photographs by 46 authors were selected, that is 26 series and 157 individual photos. The Jury consisted of the last year's winner Zvonimir Ištvan, the Foreman Berislav Rupčić, Antun Krešić, Danko Horvat and Miroslav Mrkobrad.

The first prize in the series cathegory went to Goran Dorić for four photographs named "In colour"; the second prize went to another Slovenian guest, Stanko Pelc ("Wood colours"), and the third to Jerko Gudac for the series of photographs from a building site „Under the umbrella".
Recommendations for the series were received (again!) by Miran Orožim ("Drevo" - Wood), Goran Cajzek ("Poplava u turopoljskom lugu" - Flood in the Turopolje wood) and the Hungarian guest Valenz Sandor ("Kernholz lebt wieder, Kern opet živi" - Kern lives again).
After the second place for the series, Slovenian forester Stanko Pelc won the 1st prize for the single photograph „Srednji detelj“, Marina Dragaš won the 2nd prize for the photograph „Šumski letač", and Goran Cajzek won th 3rd prize for the photograph „I drvo ima lice" - A tree has a face as well.
Appraisals for the single photographs won Boris Sontacci ("Dekolte I“), Dubravko Stipaniček ("Puzzle") and Miran Orožim ("Tri").
The jury decided that the photography "Šumski konjic" (Forest horse) by Željko Gubijan will stand for the Exhibition poster.
The exhibition of the selected photographs of the 7th Bjelovar Salon is an integral part of the Days of Croatian Forestry and it will be placed in the gallery „Nasta Rojc“ of the Bjelovar City Museum from 10th June till 11th July this year.