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About us


The Company in today's shape was formed by the Decision of the Commercial Court in Zagrebu on April 8th  2002


limited liability company
Short name: HŠ d.o.o.
Stock capital: 1.171.670.000,00 kuna, payed in total
Address: Zagreb, Ulica kneza Branimira 1
MBS: 080251008 Commercial Court Zagreb
Tax Nr: 3631133
OIB: 69693144506


HR46 2340 0091 1001 0036 0
kod Privredne banke Zagreb

Tel-fax: 01/ 48 04 111            01/ 48 04 101

Management Board:

Krunoslav Jakupčić - President
Ante Sabljić - Member
Igor Fazekaš - Member


Hrvatske šume, limited liability company, is a legal successor of "Hrvatske šume", public enterprise for forest and woodland management in the Republic of Croatia, p. o., Zagreb, founded on the basis of the Amending Forestry Act (NN 41/90), with the beginning of function on January 1st 1991.
Hrvatske šume, public enterprise for forest and woodland management in the Republic of Croatia, p. o. Zagreb, was the legal successor of a few forestry estates.

Today, Hrvatske šume d.o.o. is a three-layered commercial company owned by the state, with the Headquarters in Zagreb, 17 regional forest administrations (subsidiaries) and 169 regional forest offices. The company is being lead by the Management Board, its work is being controlled by the Supervisory Board (both appointed by the Government of RH), while the basic decisions are being met by the Assembly. The company employs ca 8.000 employees, 1250 of whom have a university degree.




Croatian relief and climatic diversity are a precodition for its luxuriant vegetative diversity. Out of some 2.485,611 million ha of forest and woodland in Croatia, covering 37% of the total area of the country, some 95% are natural forests and this is the fact that the Croatian foresters are mostly proud of. Stocked area amounts to 2.078.289 ha, unstocked areas takes up 345.952 ha, and the unfertile woodland covers 61.370 ha. Broadleaved species are predominant and cover 84% of forested land, while conifer forests cover 16% of the total area. The main tree species are beech (35%), oak (27%), hornbeam (8%), ash (3%), other hardwood (7%) and softwood species (4%), fir and spruce (13%), pine (2%) and other conifer species (1%).

Each year there is a wood mass increment of 9,6 million m3, and the gross annual cut amounts to 5,4 million m3.

Karst forests cover around one million hectar (42%) of all forests and woodland in Croatia. Their main value lies in their welfare functions, like the anti-erosive function, landscape formation and tourism promotion.



Around 89% of the total revenues of Hrvatske šume Ltd. is achieved from its primary activity - wood sale. But other activities are also gaining importance, like hunting, tourism, renting of lodges, recreational activities and other that are derived from the wide spectrum of the welfare functions.

Hrvatske šume Ltd. manages 37 state-owned hunting grounds with a total area of 331.000 ha, where domestic and foreign hunters can hunt the following species: red deer (2916 pieces according to the last counting), fallow deer, roe deer, chamois, moufflon, wildboar, bear, hare, pheasant, wild duck etc. A number of forest lodges for hunters' accommodation have been built. Some of them, new or renewed, like Zlatna greda and Ćošak šume in Baranja, Brezovica in Sisak, Kondrić in Đakovo, Čambina in Podravina, Radinje in Nova Gradiška and Pheasantry Peski in Đurđevac are a fantastic display of the hunting tradition, customs and culinary achievements of a country.

Hrvatske šume aslo dispose of 15  holiday facilities all over the Adriatic coast and its islands.

Among the additional activities there is also the tending to the forest treasures. One of these has been hiding in the oak forest in Istria, near the ancient town of Motovun. Under the roots of the centuries-old pedunculate oak grow the most valuable mushrooms in the world, the truffels. They are tracked by specially trained dogs who scent them out in the soil. On average there are 3-5.000 kg found in Istria each year.


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