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As a reaction to the conventional way of plant and animal production, resulting in many disadvantages like pollution of soil, water and air, or even with traces of harmful elements in food, the organic production has emerged. This manner of production aims at preserving the soil and the water, leading to better protection of the biodiversity in general. The food produced organically, or ecologically, as the Croatian term says, doesn't contain harmful residues of numerous chemical compounds and through its nutritional value it contributes to a higher resistance ability of all living creatures.

With the goal of development of organic production, the legislation has been made which is now almost completely harmonized with the European one. The first Law on organic production was adopted in 2001, followed by various Rulebooks that have regulated all manners of production of agricultural products. In line with its principles of sustainable development and protection of forests as one of the most valuable natural resources, the company Hrvatske šume d.o.o. founded the Control station for organic production, in other words, Department for certification of products
(Statement Nr. DIR-16- JR- 2012- 2692/01), as a logical continuation of activities that deal with sustainable management of natural resources.

Ministry of Agriculture took the decision (Class UP/I-320-07/11-01/6, Ur.broj: 525-12-1-0458/11-2, dated March 14th 2011) and authorized Hrvatske šume d.o.o. to conduct procedures of confirmation of compliance of products, processes and services to the organic production. The authorized auditing body of Hrvatske šume d.o.o. was assigned the code number HR-EKO-05 pdf.

Hrvatske šume d.o.o., Department for certification of products, is accredited under the norm HRN RN 45011:1998 for the certification of products in the organic production pdf.

Hrvatske šume d.o.o. has also been authorized to conduct procedures of expert audit in the organic production, based on the awarded accreditation under HRN EN 45011:1998 pdf.

In order for a product to be certified as organic, it has to be produced on the principles of the Law on organic production and under the constant controll of an authorized auditing body, that issues the certificat for a certain product at the end of the production cycle. Only the product that was confirmed by the control body to have been produced on the organic production principles, can bear the logo of the Croatian organic product


Picture 1. Logo of the European organic product



Picture 2. Logo of the Croatian organic product