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FSC® Certificate

FSC Cert No. SA-FM/COC-001212


FSC® Certificate

In 2002 "Hrvatske šume" d.o.o. gained the right to carry the prestigious FSC certificate for the forest management. According to the definition, "FSC certification means that forest are being managed according to strict ecological, social and economic standards." FSC certificate represents a great honour, as it is an international acknowledgement that the Croatian forests are being managed according to very strict standards, and it is a recognition to the whole forestry profession in Croatia which through many generations has been a very responsible manager of this extremely significant national resources.

What is a FSC certificate?

It is widely accepted that forest resources and associated lands should be managed to meet the social, economic, ecological, cultural and spiritual needs of present and future generations. Furthermore, growing public awareness of forest destruction and degradation has led consumers to demand that their purchases of wood and other forest products will not contribute to this destruction but rather help to secure forest resources for the future. In response to these demands, international organisations have been formed to produce standards that have to complied with in order to gain right to use the trademark to differentiate the products created by responsible forest management from those that have not. That is why there were procedures developed that prove whether a certain forest manager respects the directives of an internationally acknowledged certification standard. In general, the FSC standard has been based on the principles and criteria that take equal care of the economic, social and ecological components of forest management. The certificate can be issued only by an organisation accredited by the FSC (that inspects the organisation and by taking insight into the documentation and situation on field defines the scale of harmonisation with the standard. The FSC certificate is being issued for a period of five years, and it is subject to annual monitoring visits.

What is FSC?

The Forest Stewardship council® – FSC® is an international body that accredits certain organisations to issue the certificates and guarantees for the accuracy of their findings. The objective of FSC programme is to promote environmentally responsible, socially beneficial and economically sustainable forest management in the world by creating internationally recognised standard to be complied with through the principle of responsible forestry.
FSC was founded in 1993. with the support of leading environmental NGOs. FSC is non-governmental organisation with the seat in Bonn, Germany.

For more information on FSC click here: FSC

Information and contact:

  • main coordinator, Ratko Matošević
    • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • regional coordinators and responsible persons


Certifikat - komplet

Principi i kriteriji 1999 doradjeno
Generički standard - hrvatski
Konačne upute za grupnu certifikaciju
Procedure o vodama (GO)
Projektiranje i gradnja šumskih prometnica - naputak
Pravilnik o postupanju kod istjecanja štetnih tvari u šumi i na šumskom zemljištu
Procedure konzultacije javnosti
Registar konzultacije javnosti


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