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Nursery production


Planting material within Hrvatske šume is produced in 42 registered nurseries on a gross area of 432,34 ha.

The primary goal of our nursery production is to deliver sufficient quantity and a satisfactory quality of the planting conifer and broadleaved material to the forest offices all over Croatia, aimed to be planted in the stands where natural regeneration failed or didn't occur at all, or on the areas planned for afforestation.

The produced planting material can also be delivered to other forest owners.

In some nurseries we also produce ornamental plants and shrubs for horticultural needs.

Out of a total of 13.307.000 pieces, 80% are broadleaved and 20% conifer seedlings. Some 10% of the produced seedlings, mainly conifer, is being delivered to the coastal forest offices for reforestation.


Average annual delivery of forest seedlings

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You are here: Home Seedling production Općenito